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Empowering Businesses with Fiber To The Business (FTTB) Service

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With Telecel Liberia's Fiber To The Business (FTTB) service, businesses can now harness the power of lightning-fast and reliable broadband. Say goodbye to slow and unreliable internet connections as our FTTB service provides unmatched speed and performance at competitive rates. Powered by CSquared, our extensive coverage ensures that more businesses can experience the benefits of high-speed fiber connectivity. Embrace the future of business connectivity with Telecel Liberia's FTTB service and take your operations to new heights, whether it's seamless video conferencing, cloud-based collaboration, or uninterrupted online transactions.

High-Bandwidth Capacity

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

Enhanced Reliability and Uptime

Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds

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Unleashing the Power of Fiber To The Business (FTTB) Service

Discover the Incredible Benefits of Telecel Liberia's FTTB Connection

Future proof

Stay ahead of the game and future-proof your business. Fiber helps boost your productivity and keeps you agile against the competition.

Enhanced Productivity

With FTTB, businesses can experience a significant boost in productivity. Fast and reliable internet speeds allow for smooth collaboration, real-time communication, and quick access to online resources. Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency with a stable and high-performance connection.


From high quality video calls to accessing cloud-based services, fiber makes work simple, allowing you to do more in a shorter space of time.

Lightning-Fast Speeds

FTTB provides businesses with lightning-fast internet speeds, enabling rapid data transfer, seamless video conferencing, and efficient access to cloud-based applications. Enjoy quick downloads, smooth streaming, and enhanced productivity with high-speed connectivity.

Our Provider Partner

CSquared: Powering Telecel Liberia's Fiber Connectivity

 CSquared, a trusted fiber infrastructure provider, empowers Telecel Liberia to deliver high-speed and reliable fiber internet services across the nation. As a leading fiber provider, CSquared combines cutting-edge technology with extensive expertise to ensure seamless connectivity for businesses and individuals. Telecel Liberia leverages CSquared's robust fiber network, enabling faster downloads, smoother streaming, and enhanced online experiences. With CSquared as its backbone, Telecel Liberia offers a wide range of fiber-based solutions, connecting communities and businesses to the digital world. Experience the power of CSquared-backed fiber connectivity with Telecel Liberia, and unlock the full potential of high-speed internet in Liberia.

Fiber in Liberia
Fiber in Liberia


Frequently Asked Questions

Telecel is an integrated ICT and infrastructure partner to businesses and homes across Liberia. We provide an extensive range of communication, infrastructure and application services across a resilient national and international network. We are defined by our innovation, technical expertise and focus on customer service. These qualities underpin our ground-breaking fibre network that supports a diverse portfolio of broadband and dedicated solutions, ranging from 10Mbps to 10GBps, and meets the needs of any size business.

Telecel offers highly cost-effective fibre solutions with extensive coverage over our own purpose-built network. Reap significant savings by consolidating your voice, video and data over one connection.

Our high-availability, low-latency network delivers future-proof capacity for all your requirements, and bandwidth can be upgraded as needed. We offer capacity ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

Whether you are an SME needing all-in-one voice and broadband data bundles, or a larger multi-site corporate needing a bespoke solution, our solutions allow for seamless scalability for all your application requirements.

Our fibre network is underpinned by an established national and international backbone. With over 13 local Points of Presence (PoPs) and footprints, our national ring provides unmatched resilience. Our international network runs over multiple cable systems, terminating in several PoPs internationally.