Wi-Fi To The Home

The home Wi-Fi service from Telecel Liberia offers a variety of options for connecting to the Internet over Wi-Fi from any location in your house.

Get Blazing Fast Internet for $93/mo

Home Wi-Fi in Liberia

No matter the size, our choice of Wi-Fi solutions ensures ultra-reliable, stable and manageable coverage where you need it most in your home.

Residential unlimited Packages


Starting @

$ 93 / mo
  • 7+ Mbps Speed
  • (Unlimited Data)
  • 24 / 7 - Support


Starting @

$ 146 / mo
  • 9+ Mbps Speed
  • (Unlimited Data)
  • 24 / 7 - Support


Starting @

$ 261 / mo
  • 12+ Mbps Speed
  • (Unlimited Data)
  • 24 / 7 - Support


Starting @

$ 486 / mo
  • 15+ Mbps Speed
  • (Unlimited Data)
  • 24 / 7 - Support

Tax Inclusive

Benefits & Advantages

Faster Data Speeds

Browse and connect faster than ever before.

Internet Connection Sharing

With a home network, multiple household members on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, can access the internet simultaneously without having to pay an ISP for multiple accounts.

No More Buffering

Thanks to mikrotik wireless technology, the network speeds are three times faster than previous generation routers.

Seamless Roaming With One Wi-Fi Network Name

Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest unit as you move through your home, creating a truly seamless Wi-Fi experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use fixed wireless technology to provide service to your house via line of site from one of our towers. We install a radio transceiver on your roof that points to a tower. A cable is run from the roof to the inside of your house and is then connected to a device to power the radio and provide an interface to your computer.

Yes, our internet does support VPN tunnels for those who need to connect for work at home or SOHO deployments. However, a static IP may be required for VPN support.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)- A virtual tunnel that extends a private network across a public network to allow remote users to connect and access secure content as if they were physically connected to the private network. These are most often used for work-from-home scenarios.

VPNs are input on the end-user device(s). There are several different types of free and paid VPN services available. The easiest way to find and compare them is through a simple Google search.

Telecel Liberia customers can use VPNs with our service. However, speeds and performance will vary when used through a VPN. For this reason, VPNs should be disabled prior to completing any troubleshooting steps.

Please keep in mind that if the tunneled network experiences service issues, your connection will be impacted as well. As such, we do not support any issues through or arising from the use of a VPN. Any issues found with the VPN will require the customer to contact an IT professional for assistance.

Yes, you are able to connect multiple devices with a wireless router. The wireless router is connected inline before your computer and transmits wireless signals inside the house. This allows you to connect wireless devices as well as four wired devices. Plans of 15Mb and higher are recommended for multiple devices.

Telecel uses fixed wireless broadband technology to provide service to your home or business via line of site. We install a radio transceiver and dish on your roof, pointed to an access point on a nearby tower. The radio is powered by running Cat5e cable from the roof to a POE device inside of the home/business. From the POE, users can connect an end-user device to the LAN port, such as a wireless router, to provide internet throughout the home.

Telecel is considered a WISP, or Wireless Internet Service Provider. WISP services use a combination of cable/fiber and radio transmitters to receive and relay internet services from transport providers to the towers within their wireless network. This signal may travel through one or more hops before it reaches your home or business. When the signal is modulating, it is turning your outgoing information into something that the wireless network understands (encoding). When it is demodulating, it is turning the signal into something your computer will understand (extracting).


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