Cloud Firewall

What is a cloud firewall ?

Cloud Firewalls are cloud-deployed, software-based security products that help prevent cyber-attacks. They form a protective shield around the cloud assets, defending them from untrusted internet traffic.

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Benefits & Advantages

FWaaS products can block access to malicious web traffic, including malware and bad bot activity. They can also block sensitive data from going out if they are connected to the internet in a firewall or other anti-virus software.

Cloud firewalls integrate easily with cloud infrastructure.

Cloud firewalls scale up rapidly to handle more traffic.

Easy Deployment

Cloud firewalls are easy to install. The deployment process is fast since it’s software-based. Once deployed, everything can be managed with the click of a button, and any problems can be fixed directly through the cloud.

Maintained Easily

Cloud firewalls make it very easy to manage your data in and out of the private cloud. The software will usually have a dashboard that can be used for managing the system. It will integrate easily with your existing cloud infrastructure so you won't hit any bumps in the road during deployment.

Cloud Firewalls Have Great Extensibility

One of the great advantages of a cloud firewall is that it can be managed from anywhere. Cloud firewalls can be deployed to protect your private network from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud firewalls manage the flow of information between outside domains and your internal system. Sometimes also referred to as “Next-Generation Firewalls”. These systems tackle today’s advanced threats and protect your organisation’s data from cyber-attacks, viruses and other threats.

A cloud firewall is also a network security mechanism just like a traditional firewall that prevents malicious network attacks. But the major difference between cloud firewalls is it hosted in the cloud.



Unlike Traditional Firewalls Cloud Firewalls come with unlimited scale as the bandwidth increases.


Cloud Based Firewalls are available 24/7 which is not possible with the traditional firewalls.


Firewalls are designed with real-time automatic updates which provide protection against advanced threat filtering systems enabled on Firewalls.

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